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Policy Idea Bangladesh


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Public Policy from Public Opinion

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Our aim is to highlight the issues in the public policy of Bangladesh which do not go with the hopes and aspirations of the people and present them to the authorities with suggestions for amendment. This means that on this platform, we will present the views of the general public to the authorities in a consistent manner through our website and will do our best to bring positive changes in our society.

Moreover, we will showcase the general people’s expectations about a matter before any new policy regarding that matter is formulated. As a result, those who make the policy will know in advance what the general populace actually want. As a result, ordinary people’s hopes and aspirations may be reflected in those public policies. In short, we will have public policy formed from the public opinion and it will contribute to the sustainable development of Bangladesh. 


Our goal is to bridge the understanding gap between the general public and the policy makers in Bangladesh.


Create sustainable public policies to fit with the current public needs and demands.


Our mission is to provide a safe place to express people’s opinion, and present the public opinion-based policy proposals to the policymakers in Bangladesh.