To know about the situation of e-commerce industry during Covid-19 in Bangladesh and its present scenario, you can look at this article.


While the whole world was collapsing due to Covid-19, it has appeared as a blessing for e-commerce. It was not that much conventional in Bangladesh as the consumers love to do their shopping by going to the markets. But now, in our country, the lockdown and fear of infection have changed consumers’ way of purchasing. They have started to feel interested in online shopping, and as a result, it has flourished the advancement of the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh.

E-commerce Industry During Covid-19 in Bangladesh

Around 2013, the e-commerce industry began to flourish in Bangladesh. In 2018, Daraz Group, one of the leading industries in Bangladesh, was launched and started to give online services across the country. After that, some other e-commerce companies also began to provide services, but it was not that popular among the citizens. 

Meanwhile, when the Covid-19 broke out at the beginning of 2020, because of the mandatory lockdown, Bangladesh’s people have to depend on online shopping for easy and secured purchasing. And this thing boosts the growth of e-commerce in Bangladesh. 

During Covid-19, many people have lost their job and livelihood because of this epidemic situation, whereas a massive number of people started their online business in Bangladesh. It allows them to be an entrepreneur. The word e-commerce means the electronic commerce of selling and buying products through websites and mobile applications. In Bangladesh, recently, Facebook also acts as an excellent platform for selling and buying e-commerce industry products.  

During Covid-19, people started to purchase their daily needs products, groceries, medicines, clothes, and other things online to avoid getting infected by the coronavirus. As the markets and restaurants were closed because of lockdown, to fulfill their needs, people started to order clothes and foods online and enjoyed it at home. Gradually people began to keep faith in e-commerce companies. 

The Present Situation of the E-Commerce Industry in Bangladesh

The increasing tendency of e-commerce business inspired so many people in Bangladesh to start their small businesses based on e-commerce. In the e-commerce industry, as people do not need any security money and a shop to start their own business, they could easily start their business with a small amount of capital.

The trend of global business is changing due to Covid-19. Similarly, it has also changed the pattern of trade in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, at the very beginning of the epidemic situation, 85% of e-commerce companies were closed as people only bought what they want most. However, now, as time went on, and people tend to e-commerce; it becomes a massive sector for the economy of the country. A large number of sellers and buyers have emerged for the e-commerce industry.

Final Words

In the age of science and technology, e-commerce companies have made people’s lives more comfortable than before. When the Covid-19 broke out in Bangladesh, people started to avoid going outside of their house, which made them dependent on e-commerce to purchase their necessary things. This habit became a boon for the e-commerce industry, and currently, more than 35,000 people and 25000 small and medium enterprises are part of this sector. This epidemic has turned the wheel of e-commerce and strengthened its position in Bangladesh.


  • When has the e-commerce industry started its journey in Bangladesh? 

Ans: In 2013, the e-commerce industry was first introduced in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh’s IT sector was not that much developed, it took time in the flourishing of e-commerce in Bangladesh.

  • What kind of e-commerce services were introduced during Covid-19 in Bangladesh?

Ans: Because of the lockdown situation for Covid-19, the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh has introduced home-delivery services. People started to order their necessary things online, and some e-commerce companies took the responsibility to deliver their goods in a minimum charge.

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