Because of Covid-19, a new type of assessment system has been introduced in Bangladesh for the HSC exam. To know about the procedure and general peoples’ overview, you can go through this article. 


Sitting for an exam, especially for the board exam, is always a fearsome task for the examinees. You will never find out a single student who has never experienced the fear of giving exams in his or her life. But what will be the reaction if there will be an unexpected promotion into the next class, particularly in a board exam like Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)! Yes, this year, in 2020, a new record has been made in the history of the Bangladesh Education Board. Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Education Ministry of Bangladesh decided to give auto-promotion to the HSC candidates without any assessment. However, the general people of Bangladesh have a diverse reaction to the consequences of this unanticipated promotion into the next standard.

HSC Exam In 2020

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) exam is the fourth and last board exam in Bangladesh. Like every year in 2020, the HSC exam was scheduled for 1st April. Students were busy with their final preparations in the upcoming days before the exam. But suddenly, because of the deadly coronavirus, the government was forced to postpone this exam on 22nd March to assure the examinees’ safety.

This year altogether, 1,365,689 students were supposed to sit for this exam. Because of the closure in all sectors before the exam, these students felt uncertain about the possible exam date. So they left their books behind and started passing their time in anticipation of unknown oncoming days.

A New Evaluation Process

From the end of March to the beginning of October, all the examinees were obscure about the exam date and could not go for any next move towards the future. Just in time, in a virtual press conference, the education minister of Bangladesh, Dr. Dipu Moni, said that it is impossible to hold the HSC exam amid the Covid-19 pandemic. So the government has decided not to take any equivalent examinations this year and found a new solution for evaluating these candidates.  

The examinees will be evaluated based on their JSC and SSC results and their average. Moreover, the students who have failed last year on HSC and were supposed to give the exam this year will also be evaluated based on their JSC and SSC results. Within November, the results of JSC and SSC of the candidates will be collected from the education board, and the result of HSC will be published by December.

Future Of The Examinees!

With the happiness of auto-promotion, nowadays, a question is popping up into the examinees’ minds about this result’s effect. As I have talked to some HSC examinees of 2020, I have come to know about a few questions which are now troubling them and keep them under mental pressure. How much this result will be useful for them, does this result stay as a scar for their student life, does the society accept it easily- these types of questions are coming into their mind. Because of this result, they have often been the victims of ridicule, and so sometimes, they are not happy with the idea of this evaluation procedure.

Though because of Covid-19, this kind of evaluation system has introduced, this result might have a bad effect on the plans of students interested in studying abroad. We cannot assure you about the acceptance of this result outside of Bangladesh

What Is The Reaction Of General People?

Different people have different views on this topic. Some are taking the Bangladesh government’s decision about the HSC evaluation system positively, and some are not satisfied with this kind of evaluation system.  

Some people appreciate the education ministry’s decision as it has reduced the risk of being affected by the coronavirus of the examinees, their family members, examines, and their family members and other people who were supposed to be involved in the exam procedure. They say that the Bangladesh government cannot manage double exam centers for the examinees to maintain social distance amid Covid-19. What if a single student gets affected by coronavirus? How could he be able to give the exams on time, how much potential our country is about taking the safety measures? – they have raised these types of questions and accepted this system.

On the other hand, some people are raising a question about the validity of this result. Some say that it is an injustice for those students who have poor results in JSC and SSC but were making good preparations for the HSC exam. This way, the HSC result of these students will be hampered. Even some teachers and people of civil society are also suggesting taking an assessment instead of auto-promotion.


There is no joy in enjoying fruits without any effort. Though in our student life, all of we wish for such a golden chance like auto-promotion into the next class, it is not that much blissful for the students’ educational career. This incident will always remain a dark chapter in their life. This year in Bangladesh, the HSC candidates have been promoted to the next class without any assessment. The Covid-19 comes as a curse and is putting its black mark in every sphere of life. It has changed many things as it forces the education ministry of Bangladesh to make an unconventional decision for the sake of students’ safety.


  • Due to Covid-19, what precautions the government is thinking about the university admission test of the HSC examinees in Bangladesh?

Answer: To reduce the risk of coronavirus, the Bangladesh government has already decided not to take an equivalent test for the HSC exam to avoid the mass gathering. Regarding taking the test for admission purposes, the education board is thinking of taking several combined test for all medical colleges, engineering universities, universities of science and technology, and agricultural universities. Nevertheless, it will be possible if all the autonomic institutions will be agreed with the government.

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